Onduline Quality Policy Statement

This policy statement reflects the importance that, as a chief Executive, I attach to putting our Customers first.

Ondulines vision is founded on building long lasting trust of our customers for the quality and reliability of our products and services.

The expectations of our markets for quality and performance are constantly evolving.

We at Onduline will continuously focus all our energies on both meeting and anticipating our customer requirements, in each of our strategic markets.

Onduline’s policy is :

• To continuously improve the value proposition of our products and services. To do so, we cultivate a deep knowledge of our markets. We understand intimately the current and evolving needs of customers and end users.

• To reinforce our capability to bring to market new products and solutions, with higher quality and cost performance standards.

• Throughout the supply-chain, to ensure full mastery of the quality that we promise to customers, at formalized product specifications.

• To implement a simple, performing, customer friendly and reactive system for recording and treating customer dissatisfactions.

• To maintain the Onduline quality management system with the ISO 9001 international standard. It is based on:

- Clear policies and organisations, measurements, analysis, action plans and audits.

- Open, fair and constructive communication.

- Collaborative and customer driven team work.

- Training and mutual learning.

We say what we do and we do what we say, with discipline and effectiveness.

We encourage the commitment of all Onduline colleagues to quality and continuous improvement.

We put our customers first.

Patrick Destang | Chief Executive Officer

24 Quai Gallieni - F – 92150 Suresnes